The Chop Up Ep48 – Morning Breath Inc

Dan: Right. So welcome back episode 48, dude, we’re getting  Dustin: close to 50. Woo-hoo. Shit’s coming  Dan: quick. Yes, yes. We gotta get in the plannings. Stages for 50. Yeah. And  Dustin: then shit hundred after that. What we gotta think of something crazy for a hundred Will, what do you think ? Hot air  Dan: balloon. Big one. . That’ll be a big one. Dan: Yeah. Maybe  Dustin: underwater. Like take one of those...
Have you checked out my new series MidJourney Morning? We’ll explore the world of generative AI art and learn about MidJourney along the way! This week  took a look at the world of Hogwart’s Legacy as a canvas to explore. Watch full episodes on my YouTube channel! #hogwartslegacy #midjourney #midjourneyart #aiartcommunity #aiart
A process worth trying? In this clip, Rick Rubin talks about his creative process. Essentially, it sounds like he fully devote all of his attention to the current project, works it until it’s done, and then moves on to another project. In my own work, I tend to be a perfectionist, and projects linger in my mind for a long time and dominate all my thoughts, well after completion. How could it have been better? Constantly reevaluating things. Ricks approach sounds a lot more enjoyable to me at least. Do you work this way? What’s been your experience?
Mel Robbins has become my spirit animal. Seriously if you have issues with negativity, confidence, relationships you make it, you really should check out her content. It’s been helpful to me in so many ways. #melrobbins #negativity #selftalk #fittingin #relationships
They said it would be the blue collar jobs! 🥹 #ai #samaltman #openai #chatgpt #jobs #greylock
So much fun exploring MidJourney more this week. I read an article about the new Mad Max movie coming out, Furiosa, and it inspired me to create some content! Check the full video on YouTube with details around image prompts I used to create these images! #ai #aiart #aiartwork #aiartcommunity #midjourney #midjourneyart #madmax #furiosa
Phenomenal book that you need to pick up. In fact if you want a copy and are either too lazy or can’t afford message me. But what is even more phenomenal is the way ChatGPT is changing everything about content creation. In the video I show you just one of literally infinite ways you can use this AI tech. Thank you @kelmeghan for this thoughtful and transformational birthday gift! #chatgpt #rickrubin #contentcreator #contentmarketing
Just a little midnight gratitude 🙏 #producers #videography #thankful #inspired #studio