Editing notes:

It’s always a pleasure to have Richard and Dave join the show! This week the guys broke down a recent project for The United States Disc Golf Championships, which they had the opportunity to check out live!

Truth be told, I had been interested in disc golf even before the episode but am even more so now!

One of the challenges we’re having with the new set is just getting coverage of everyone at the table, especially when there are 4. I can’t overstate how small the set really is, despite how it appears at 15mm. It makes camera placement especially on the side angles challenging.

This week we had three people, which created a little bit of an unbalanced look that bothers my ADHD mind. Not really sure what to do about that but if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Lots of great art featured this week and a return to work focused content. Last few episodes have been great with some awesome guests, but I really enjoy showing the work and process.