Another lie we tell ourselves that prevents us from ever getting started is that our process is so special and so secret that we can’t talk about it. Remember: knowing the ingredients doesn’t make us a chef. Only through showing up and putting in the work will we truly grow.
Talking today about IMPOSTER SYNDROME and how it keeps you from even getting started. It shouldn’t! Remember there will always be those with less experience than you. Help others shorten their journey by sharing what you know!
Video producers: let’s exchange tips! How do you help your client and talent to become comfortable on camera and to create their own energy?
How do you get the confidence to show your work? Check out this question and answer from the latest episode of The Chop Up!
Hard at work or hardly working?
This one was too good to just post in a story.
How do you think about time? And how do you find more time for the things that are most important?