Editing notes:

A big episode, this was the Season 2 Premier of the show. 

Some thoughts about this:

Super cool we made it to a season 2, and that the team is still consistently recording episodes. The fact I was brought back means to me that they still see the value in creating this type of content, which is rad.

Totally new set, and they kind of surprised me a bit with it. Dan works fast! I remember having a loose discussion about how it might look and at some inspiration, and the next time I saw the space it was basically finished! 

It’s a really small room. Like, really small. And I think people will be really surprised when they come in to visit and check it out. I know this season we want to have more guests on, which is cool.

This episode was the first where I started to used an AI voice to read out things to the audience like questions from the community or to call out a designer. I really like the addition, although there is some debate as to whether the voice I’m using is annoying or not.

We also have a brand new motion kit for this season, which I really love. I hope that becomes the standard, where every 20 or so episodes we have a new season, and a new theme.

Franky did awesome on the motion kit and the 3d intro, love it! Jordan’s music is also perfect and he did a song just for the Q&A section and outro this season which is great.